Pass for sure! with our unique program

With our program everbody can Pass for Sure!

How does it work?

Our unique course contains two parts: the one-day theory course and a CBR Warm-up session (Exam training).

During the one-day theory course, we explain all the theory to you. After this, you will fully understand everything you need to know. The one-day course is during the weekend, from 10am to 5pm. You can ask questions. This is in a classroom.

During a CBR Warm-up Session (Exam training) we show you the questions and answers from the CBR exam. We don't explain why and there is limited time for questions. The Exam Training (CBR Warm-up) from 9AM to 12AM during the week. We do the warm-up session via a Live Videostream so you can join from your house and then leave to CBR immediately after.

Why does it work?

After the one-day theory course, you should be able to answer any question because you understand WHY. But what if you dont remember this traffic law? Then the Exam Training does the job. You might not know why, but you do recognize the question and learned the answer on the CBR Warm-up session. With the unique combination, you can answer any question on the CBR Exam ande you will Pass for Sure!

Online Exams

To be sure everybody can pass the exam in one go, we added extra study materials. This way even people with problems with the English language, or study problems (ADHD/Dyslexia) can Pass for Sure!

We guarantee success!

We work with experienced teachers and the best quality learning material. We are so sure about our quality that we guarantee succes. If you passed 7 of the 10 last made exams at our online exams and you fail the CBR Exam We will pay your new CBR exam.

If you follow our instructions You will Pass for Sure!

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